Glazer Explains Why He Wants MMA to Blackball “Woman Beater” Greg Hardy (Video) – BlackSportsOnline
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Glazer Explains Why He Wants MMA to Blackball “Woman Beater” Greg Hardy (Video)


MMA is far from being filled with choir boys (*glances at Jon Jones*) but Jay Glazer is drawing the line.

Glazer is publicly asking MMA gyms to refuse to train ex-NFL player Greg Hardy due to his domestic violence past.

“If you play a sport it’s a privilege and he shouldn’t have that privilege. He’s shown no remorse. This guy just doesn’t get it. [MMA] is not for people who beat up women and show no remorse… So I’m asking every other MMA coach and promotion to not allow this guy to have the privilege. He doesn’t deserve it. All he’s done is beat the hell out of a woman and show no remorse for it so screw him. He shouldn’t be allowed to be around the other great people in this sport.” – Glazer

MMA fighters have had their very public run-ins with the law and have been afforded chances. That doesn’t automatically mean that Hardy deserves a handout by any means but refusing to let the man make a living seems harsh. Even the Dallas Cowboys gave Hardy a chance after his incident; his production on the field didn’t warrant a spot in the NFL.

We will have to wait and see how much pull Glazer has in the MMA community.

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