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If Geno Smith’s Knee is Healthy Who Should Start for Jets?


Jets head coach Todd Bowles had major pressure on him to ensure that Ryan Fitzpatrick was not the starting quarterback. Now that Geno Smith has a knee injury, next week’s starter is tough to call.

Geno Smith was named the starter for today’s game against the Ravens and in a wild turn of events, he had to exit the game early because of his knee injury. Smith did not want to go but head coach Todd Bowles then had to make an executive decision. Ryan Fitzpatrick entered the game and he ended the game with one touchdown pass.

The biggest question is, as they’re monitoring Geno Smith’s knee, who will be the starter for next week’s game?

Embattled former starter Ryan Fitzpatrick took over at quarterback after Smith left. Smith said after the game he doesn’t think the injury is “too significant,” though he will undergo an MRI. Todd Bowles added that it’s “too early to tell” who will be the Jets‘ starting quarterback next week.

Bowles plate is full because it would be risky to put Geno back in as starter. He might need some more time to rest. Fitzpatrick actually stepped up to the plate and managed to hold the game down. The second half was a bit of turn around because they began to put some pressure on the Ravens. It’s time that we see some new talent enter. In other words, Bryce Petty should enter and be given a chance.

Petty is a name that’s been brought up a few times and is sort of avoided in conversations but it’s time to see this quarterback on the field. However, if Smith’s MRI’s come back negative, Smith should start. He was even tweeting about it and is very positive.

The Jets face the Browns next Sunday, October 30.