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Jameis Winston Wonders “What If” About This College…

ACC Championship - Duke v Florida StateCan you imagine Jameis Winston as a Stanford Cardinal? He can.

The FSU Heisman winner, stated that he was super close to choosing the West Coast school. Its a school that many of his friends attended and he believes his life would’ve be totally different.

“Yeah, just because Stanford is a great school, you are who you place yourself around. And I would’ve loved the opportunity to go to Stanford and be with some of my friends out there.”

“When I got accepted into Stanford, me and my family were excited,” he said. “I actually took my visit out there to make my final decision. When I came from Palo Alto, I was blown away. But I decided to go to FSU (laughs).

“It was me just really not knowing how prestigious Stanford was. I look back all the time and see how if I’d gone to Stanford which way my life could’ve turned. But, you know, you make decisions and you go with them and you own them.”

Winston’s career under Jimbo was remarkable; outside of his sexual assault incident and shoplifting. Who knows what the player Winston could’ve ben Head Coach David Shaw. Honestly, I don’t think he wouldve been pushed as hard or had the adversity to grow. Unfortunately, this is all just a what if.