Kim Kardashian on Being Worried Sex Tapes Will Leak After Robbery (Pics) – BlackSportsOnline
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Kim Kardashian on Being Worried Sex Tapes Will Leak After Robbery (Pics)

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Still reeling after being robbed and bound in Paris, new fears are surfacing for Kim Kardashian. The reality star fears robbers will leak sex tape footage and photos that were stored on her phone.

According to UK Gossip Mag The Sun, a “source close to the Kardashians” says

“She is reeling from the trauma of what she went through.

“But much of the terror and shock she is still suffering is due to the real fear that pictures and videos on her two pinched mobile phones leak online.

“There is footage on the devices that was only ever meant to stay private.

“It would be catastrophic for Kim if her personal property was made public. She’s at her wits’ end.”

From a branding point of view, there are worst things that could happen than a sex tape with Kanye and photos of Kardashian in all her nude glory surfacing. In all fairness, we’ve seen every bit of the KUWTK star’s body on her IG, snapchat, magazine covers, random blogs and more. A tape with Kanye? That’s new, but is there a huge pubic interest in seeing that? Unlikely.

Who should really be fearful is anyone that’s cross her or Kanye in recent years because we know Kim keeps receipts.

In case your wondering what could be on the phones, we don’t know but flip the pages for pics that should have been left on the phone.

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