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Andrew Bogut On The NBA Having People Who Are Full of Sh*t

BogutAfter his injury during the finals, it wasn’t too surprising to see the Warriors trade the big man. Andrew Bogut was traded to the Mavericks during the offseason in the Warriors attempt to make way for their big star, Kevin Durant.

Bogut departed feeling slightly shaded, BUT we don’t know exactly to whom. During an interview with USA Today, Bogut discussed his feeling towards his colleagues,

“This league is full of people who are full of (expletive) and shallow, and that’s what you figure out in pro sports,” Bogut said. “It’s very hard to meet a genuine person who you can call your friend in this league. That’s just the reality, and I understand that.”

The media was also able to ask about his feelings being traded and his soon return to his former team.

“I mean there’s no doubt it’s disappointing to leave one of the best teams — record-wise, those last two years. … You leave a team like that and it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” Bogut told USA Today. “It was bitter in a way. I wasn’t mad at anybody about it. I understood it completely. I’m not stupid.”

The NBA is starting to look like competition again. While most are still “buddy-buddy” its nice to see some players play with revenge and the want to prove people wrong.