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Annie Apple on Not Supporting Giants & Team Leaning on Son to Shut Her Up


Annie Apple, mother of NY Giants first-round pick Eli Apple is accusing the team of some pretty serious transgressions.

Apple, who has been plenty critical of the Giants’ handling of the Josh Brown domestic violence case; says the team tried to use her son to control her criticism and ultimately; shut her up about it.

  “I was livid with the Giants, not just because of John Mara’s comments but I was disappointed in the organization because I felt they were leaning heavily on a 21-year-old kid in an effort to control what his mother says,” Annie Apple wrote in a column on

Apple’s position, which she says prevented her from supporting the Giants in their week 7 17-10 victory over the Rams in London; obviously puts her son in between a rock and a hard place. Eli is in the midst of trying to get through his rookie season with the franchise, and to have his biggest fan, unable to cheer for his organization can’t be easy to deal with.

“She’s her own person and she has a great, tremendous personality,” Eli Apple said Wednesday when asked generally about his mother’s outspoken personality. “And she’s been through a lot, and I just appreciate everything she’s done for me.”

Annie Apple is a domestic violence survivor herself, so it’s not hard to understand why she feels so close to the situation & the fact that the Giants continue to try to wiggle their way out from under this horrible stain isn’t making their mistakes any better.

“The comments made by John Mara, owner of the New York Giants, were insensitive, dismissive and callous,” she wrote on Oct. 23. “How are you a so-called champion of domestic violence but lack basic compassion for a victim? Yes, this man signs my son’s checks as I’ve been reminded on twitter. Mr. Mara owns the New York Giants. He doesn’t own Annie Apple. Wrong is wrong. And Mr. Mara’s comments were unapologetically wrong and hit at a raw place.”

You’d think after all that’s happened the Giants would be proactive with things like this at this point, but I guess not.

Do you feel Apple’s mother is right in continuing to voice her opinion to the team, or should she take a step back and allow her son to attempt to proceed with as little distraction as possible?