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Details on VOLTRON Feature Film Potentially Happening


Looks like Voltron won’t only stop at Netflix. Deadline reports Universal Pictures has inherited and is writing for a potential live action Voltron film.

Universal Pictures received an assortment of development and production projects and also inherited live-action picture that was being developed from DreamWorks Animation.

So now, a live-action VOLTRON film is being scripted by David Hayter. Hayter’s previous projects include X-Men, X-Men United and Watchmen.

Universal haven’t made any decisions on what they’re going to do with VOLTRON because it is an inherited project. Once they get the script drafted, they’ll move forward.

They’ll most likely follow through and green light it because there is a fandom there. Not to mention it’s on Netflix and season 2 will be coming out in January.

For any of you that want to reminisce, flip the page and watch the old cartoon intro.

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