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Josh Norman Implies Dez Bryant Isn’t in OBJ’s Class (Video)

The game ended Thanksgiving evening, but the fallout of the matchup between Dez Bryant and Josh Norman continues. In a phone interview with a day after the game, Norman had this to say:

It just baffles me that we’re going back and forth,” the cornerback said. “I don’t know if there really is anything to say. What am I going to go back and forth for? It’s not a battle. It’s not a competition when the other person don’t show up. What am I competing against? I compete against myself every week.

The Redskins corner told Ian Rapoport that his competitive rivalry with the Cowboys receiver is “not like with the guy from up in N.Y.,” referencing Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. Norman went on to refer to Bryant as just another guy that he faces and that Bryant has no reason to “go off” because he didn’t have a big impact.

A review of the stats reveals that Bryant caught just 3 passes for 32 yards when Norman was covering him. During the Week 2 matchup, Bryant had no catches on Norman.

Flip the pages for the back and forth between the two players.

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