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Shannon Sharpe Wants People to Be Patient With Joe McKnight Murder Case

The murder of former NFL RB, Joe mcKinght, has everyone on edge. Feelings are ranging from sadness to rage because of the details that are emerging about his death.

Probably the most perplexing detail of this case is the release of McKnight’s murderer, Robert Gasser, without any charges. And if you have been keeping up, Gasser’s release has sparked protest and call for immediate action of police. The sports world is in shock while mourning the death of a friend and wanting justice for his family. Shannon Sharpe was asked by TMZ his thoughts on the case, and he gave a very professional answer.

I’m not sure what to think about police who let someone go who admittedly shoots someone three times. Not once, but three. To me that screams overkill, and while it may not have been premeditated, he is fully aware of what he was doing after the first shot. Driving should not be a death sentence. I don’t want to make this about race, but its hard not to. It’s hard to believe that a white man shot a black man three times just because he cut him off. There is more to this story than what appears on the surface. Hopefully more witnesses will come forth and give the McKnight family the peace the deserve for losing someone behind foolishness.