Video of Naked Kordell Stewart Leaked By Alleged Gay Lover is Real, BUT There is a Plot Twist – BlackSportsOnline
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Video of Naked Kordell Stewart Leaked By Alleged Gay Lover is Real, BUT There is a Plot Twist


I saw this yesterday on Funky Dineva website, but there wasn’t enough details nor could you tell if it was Kordell in the video to make any definite conclusion.

The person who sent the video to Funky gave his reasons for exposing the video.

“I’ve been dating Kordell for the last two years and yes I’m a guy.

I know the first thing is why would I hit up a blogger about it well I feel like I need to say my peace.

I love Kordell and his son Syre but I can only be manipulated so much.

When we met he was my “bro”. We played golf, went on trips, he supported me when I was finishing my Masters (yes he paid) and I supported him when he was finishing up his degree earlier this year. But I feel like just because he has more money over me he can control me.

I have to give it to him, he started this well. We became friends, then close friends, slept in the bed together on trips without doing anything. Then one day… I woke up and while laying in bed he brought up last sexual encounters. He told me about how he let two girls suck his dick and one started licking his ass. He asked had I ever done or would I… I said maybe. He jokingly said “with me”? I said maybe… nothing happened for months until we got drunk and he aggressively said he wanted. Needless to say that began our relationship.

It was good for a while until his ex wife came back around. I didn’t really care because he always talked about Porsha. Once he started knocking her off he never brought her up. He was giving her money every week, and would get mad when i said she’s using you.

This is only the half of it.”

The video has no sound which made it sketchy right from the beginning, but in an effort to find the truth I did some digging at the request of someone closed to Kordell who felt he was being framed.

Interesting stuff I found out.

Flip the page for the truth about the alleged video…

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