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Who Is Carmelo Talking About in Cryptic EGO IG Post


Carmelo Anthony recently posted a cryptic message on Instagram and conspiracy theorists on the internet are debating on who it was aimed at. As you know, Melo is involved in a mild “beef” with Knicks President of basketball operations Phil Jackson. P Jax recently discussed Melo’s tendencies to hog the basketball and muck up the offense. Given those comments, it’s a safe bet to assume that Melo is taking a shot at Phil. Right? Melo says “EGO will destroy any relationship.”

What is going on with Jackson? First the LeBron posse comments and now attacking his star player. P Jax has been known over the years to go through the media to send messages to players and digs at opponents and rivals. I don’t know that it is having the desired affect. We know he has 11 basketball championships as a coach and that gives him immortal status. But, he’s not exactly excelling in his current duties. Maybe he’s just getting curmudgeonly in his old age. Maybe he gives zero f***s. Who knows.

See Melo’s Instagram post. Is he talking about Phil?