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Adrian Peterson on The Teams He’d Like to Play For if Cut By Vikings (Video)

Adrian Peterson

Vikings running back Adrian Peterson was a guest on ESPN’s First Take Thursday morning. The all pro back discussed his future with the Vikings, how many years he thinks he can still perform at a high level, and the three teams he would play for if he and the Vikings part company. The teams mentioned were the Giants, Bucs and Texans.

AD thinks he can play five more years at peak level and would like to stay with the Vikings. He is however aware of the financial situation he is in with the team. The Vikings have a team option on AD for 2017 that includes an $11.75 million base salary and a $6 million roster bonus. Vikings management may think that is too much money to tie up on a 31 year old back who has been oft injured of late.

If AD has to move he prefers to play in a city where he and his family would be comfortable and for a team that has a good defense, good offensive scheme, and a great coaching staff. Not too much to ask for. The three teams mentioned are all interesting options, with the Texans and Giants being the closest to competing for a championship. Close is a relative term in this context, of the three teams, they were the two that made the playoffs this year. But both need a more to actually compete for a title. In the Texans case a quarterback. For the Giants, a left tackle and another playmaker on the outside.

See the video of AD on First Take below.