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Susan Kelechi-Watson Talks ‘This Is Us’ With BSO & Drops Clues On How The Season Ends

Susan Kelechi Watson

NBC continues to hit tug viewers by the heartstrings with its emotional, yet relatable, hit drama This is Us.

Before the latest episode airs tonight’s at 9 p.m. ET/PT we caught up with Susan Kelechi-Watson, a.k.a. Beth, to find out what really makes those moving scenes, so real. Plus she gives a sneak peak into what’s going to happen later in the season.

BSO: The cast does a wonderful job of taking complicated; real-life emotions and making viewers feel like their watching through their neighbor’s window instead of on a TV. When you’re not in the scene, how emotional do you get watching your co-stars work?

SKW: You know what? I do! I have the opportunity to disconnect from Beth a little bit and invest in the other story lines and characters. It’s incredible the amount of fullness and emotion we get to convey without getting overly sentimental or sappy as some people like to say. We’ve been able to maintain the integrity of what the story is about without tipping into MAKING people cry or trying to MAKE people laugh. I like watching people explores these lives and their journey.

BSO: We’ve seen you character Beth portrayed as a protector, a nurturer and a mediator. Has it been difficult to portray such a wide range of emotions?

SKW: I haven’t stumbled into the difficult yet. I’m still discovering who Beth is. I learn a little bit more each week and as we close in on the end of the season I’ll be learning and sharing even more about her. Right now it more like making sure no stone if left unturned. Making sure that every opportunity she has to engage, for example with Randall, making sure as the wife it’s not the same thing all the time. A different problem may call for a different solution. There’s different ways to have your husband’s back. Sterling (Emmy Award winner Sterling K Brown who portrays Beth’s husband Randall) and I spend time bouncing ideas off each other.

BSO: Before you we go, are there any scoops you can give us on the upcoming episodes? But I don’t want to get you in trouble.

SKW: [Laughs] Out here losing my little job. 

I will say this, people should be ready.

Just be ready and keep your tissue handy. We’ll see how we continue to deal with William’s health deteriorating. Justin, and sort of what happens with his career. Whether the play succeeds or fails. There will be more about Beth and how everything is affecting her. We’ve seen her helping but not how it’s taking its toll on her.

How was that? Was that good?

BSO: That was a great tease!

SKW: Thanks!

This Is Us airs on Tuesday nights tonight at 9 p.m. ET/PT on NBC