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SVG on if Reggie Jackson is in Danger of Being Traded

Before the season, many expected the Detroit Pistons to make the playoffs for a second straight season. However, Stan Van Gundy’s team find themselves sitting as the 10th seed.

With the trade deadline approaching, it wouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone if Detroit elected to make some moves. Yesterday, there were rumors of a potential Reggie Jackson-Ricky Rubio swap.

Nonetheless, Van Gundy shot down the rumor immediately. 

“Around the league, every GM is having 10 to 15 discussions a day,” Van Gundy said. “So, did somebody mention any specific trade you have? The answer is probably yes. That doesn’t mean it’s considered or anything else.

“I texted Reggie and just said, ‘This is crazy season and we’re not trading you for Ricky Rubio.’ That was it. I don’t normally address it, but the fact that it was out there and it concerned his agent enough to call, I addressed it.”

Just because Van Gundy says this doesn’t mean Jackson won’t be dealt, he just may not be traded for Rubio.