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What is Julian Edelman Really Trying to Say in This Quote About Steelers


Patriots wider receiver Julian Edelman appeared on Boston radio station WEEI on Monday and was asked about the Facebook live video posted by Steelers receiver Antonio Brown. You know the video, the one where Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin refers to the Patriots as “assholes.” Edelman gave a succinct response, saying:

That’s how that team is run. I personally don’t think that would be something that would happen in our locker room, but hey whatever. Some people like red and some people like blue. Some people like tulips and some people like roses, whatever.

Let’s focus on the first part of that statement. “That’s how that team is run.” When anyone makes a statement you may not be 100% sure what they are implying. All you can do is infer. Do we think Edelman means, the Pats are a better run organization because they would never do something like this in the locker room? Or, do we think Edelman was just simply pointing out the difference between the two organizations, with no further meaning?

Could Edelman be speaking about the cultural differences between the Steelers and Patriots? It would be quite stupid though of Edelman to imply that the Steelers are being more flamboyant when GRONK is on his team.

Who knows, and ultimately does it matter? There are things that go on in locker rooms that the public will never be aware of, some of it very interesting, some not so much. What will matter is how the Steelers handle the Patriots on the field and vice versa. I am sure Belichick has said similar things about other teams and let’s not act like Tom Brady doesn’t have a Facebook post trolling the losing team after almost every game.

The outcome of the game won’t be determined on who said what about whom in the locker room the week before the game.