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Why King Mo Lawal & Rampage Jackson Need a Reality Show Instead of Rematch (Video)

During Saturday night’s Bellator 170 event in Los Angeles, Rampage Jackson and King Mo Lawal formally announced plans for a rematch taking place on Mar. 31 at a soon to be named location.

Happening nearly three years after their May 2014 that resulted in Rampage defeating Lawal by debatable unanimous decision, the rematch decidedly leans toward “fan-friendly scrap” than “put the division on notice” when the final bell sounds and hands are raised. Rampage is way beyond light heavyweight and Lawal went 1-2 during 2016.

What IS exciting thing about this match-up is the way they interact with each other. Watching them trash talk each other to promote the fight was so comical it had more of a reality TV show feel than a MMA event. No animosity, no hatred, just a couple guys who want to put on a good show and have a few drinks afterward.

Here’s a sampling of the one-liners the two exchanged during Saturday night’s press conference.

King Mo: “I’m in shape right now, look at Quentin, he’s like 275. D-Cup, pregnant.”
Rampage: [Laughs] “That’s a low blow, but I am out of shape though.”

Rampage: “You hurt my feelings King Mo, you called me fat because I am out of shape.
King Mo: “It’s the truth.”
Rampage: “I ain’t said nothing about you ugly ass mustache or your ugly ass ears like a damn gremlin.”

King Mo: “You talking about lifting weights, you lifting donuts and beers. I hear you’re training with Kobayashi.”
Rampage: “WHO?!?!”
King Mo: “The hot dog eater”

These guys are so funny together. Why not put ’em in a house together for six weeks during camp and see what happens.

Hopefully the good folks at Bellator will put together some programming that highlight their personalities in the build up to March 2017.