Woman Falls Off Stage When Her Boyfriend Proposes to Her; Sign From GOD? (Video) – BlackSportsOnline
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Woman Falls Off Stage When Her Boyfriend Proposes to Her; Sign From GOD? (Video)


Sometimes, little, subtle signs can steer you towards the right direction, or into trouble. Figuring out when those little messages are being sent your way, is up to you.

Jack Jackson decided at a recent Crizzly show, he’d like to spend forever with g/f Endyugi Soedarsono, so he got the music paused to propose. The gesture in the middle of a concert is pretty romantic, however a part of a husband’s responsibility (to the best of my knowledge) is to be a protector to his wife. Allowing your possible future wife to stand this close to a ledge when you’re planning to knock her socks off with a marriage proposal, is probably not the best practice:

At least she managed to get herself back on stage to say yes.

Another positive: This’ll be something they can laugh at together forever; along with the rest of the world of course.

Soedarsono’s response to the video shows although embarrassed; she took going viral at one of the most important moments of her life, like a good sport:

“So embarrassing, hahaha, I’m okay tho… still in shock….. but he did good! Hehe.”

Later adding: “Lmao, my whole damn body hurts.

“Thank you for capturing the perfect moment I literally fell for him.”