DeSean Jackson on If He’ll Return to Eagles; Bucs Looking To Team Him With Jameis – BlackSportsOnline
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DeSean Jackson on If He’ll Return to Eagles; Bucs Looking To Team Him With Jameis

The Washington professional football team’s, DeSean Jackson, sat down for an extended interview with Adam Schefter and talked about his future in the league. Jackson said he hopes to play another six years and is open to returning to the Eagles. Jackson said:

Starting your career somewhere and you go to a division rival and possibly maybe going back. You think about all that, you start somewhere and maybe you want to finish it. There’s a lot of speculation of a lot of thoughts. It all sounds good, but you never know until the final decision is made.

If Jackson’s timeline of six more years in the league holds up, he doesn’t have to necessarily jump to an immediate contender. Jackson thinks he can still be a valuable outside threat so a team like the Bucs with Jameis Winston at quarterback would be appealing as well.

No matter where he ends up, Jackson seems to have a mature take on the league and his place in it. He continued:

My mindset has been putting myself in the best position to sustain another four, five, six years in the NFL. I still feel young and rejuvenated. I want to do all the things the right way. The past couple years I’ve proven I can still go out there and take the top off and be one of the best deep threats in the league. I’m not done yet, I still got another period of time where I’ll still give these defensive coordinators hell. I’ll make them stay up all night trying to figure out how to stop this young man.

Jackson will certainly be an asset to any team he joins and if things break right, he might get a shot at a Super Bowl before he hangs it up.