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KD to Shaq: You Had No Skills Outside Paint, Was a Sh*tty FT Shooter & Was Team Hopper (Video)

The war of words between JaVale McGee and Shaq is heating up and now Kevin Durant has entered the fray. The Bay Area News Group’s Anthony Slater captured video of KD speaking on the JaVale/Shaq feud.

Here is the full quote from KD.

“JaVale, he works extremely hard. He’s come in here and done so much for us as a player. And he only wants to be respected like any other player.

“And I understand Shaq works for a company that wants him to do that type of stuff and make fun of players. And it’s cool and funny, but when you just keep doing it time and time and time again for no reason, and then a guy actually disagrees you and you threaten him … I didn’t know cops could threaten civilians like that. So it’s definitely childish. But that’s what they want from these stars and these retired players — to feud with the guys that’s playing now and to make arguments and disagreements. But if I was JaVale, I’d feel the same way. It’s childish.”

“Shaq wants to make a joke about it, but if it was him in that position, he wouldn’t feel the same way. He’ll call him a bum and all this. He was such a great player, obviously, but still, everybody can’t be Shaq. He’s trying to make his money and enjoy the game of basketball, and the perception is now that he’s a dumb player because he made mistakes.

“Shaq was a shitty free throw shooter and he missed dunks and he air-balled free throws. He couldn’t shoot outside the paint. He didn’t have those skills. He was bigger and stronger than everybody. And he still was a great player, but you had your flaws too as a player. And you played on five or six teams, too. So it’s not like you’re just this person center. You had your flaws, too.

“So like I said, I didn’t go on Twitter and threaten civilians like that, so I’m glad you’re getting challenged.”

The TNT crew is the best in the business as far as NBA coverage. Shaqtin’ a Fool is a hilarious segment and the guys have a lot of fun with it. Shaq is a big kid and loves to have fun at others expense. However, I have to side with KD and JaVale on this one. Shaq and his TNT buddy Chuck will say these millennials can’t take a joke.

A good laugh is all well and good but when it is constant and things start crossing the line into threats, the joke has gone too far. TNT and social media were not the force or even in existence when Shaq and Chuck played. Wonder how they would’ve handled things if their peers constantly went in on them?

JaVale has certainly done his fair share of idiotic things over the course of his NBA career to warrant being on Shaqtin’ a Fool. But by all accounts he is trying to shed that label and work hard on being a contributing member to this Warriors team.

His teammates and coaches all support him and have his back, as they should. Kudos to KD for speaking up. Though he may have stepped over the line saying Shaq had no skill and was just big. Wonder how Shaq responds to that one? I bet rings and leaving OKC comes up.

One of the things we must all remember is that these athletes are human beings with feelings. Just because you make millions doesn’t make you immune to that. Again a joke is a joke, but constant criticism from your peer group isn’t funny.

Flip the page for video of Durant’s comments…

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