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NY Man With 2 GFs Explains How Planning Valentine’s Day is Tough (Photos)

If you think deciding what to do on Valentines is tough when you have one girlfriend, wife or work bae; then try planning it for two women.

That’s exactly what NYC native Jamal Benjamin has to do this week. He explains the difficulties surrounding the holiday with ABC News.

Jamal Benjamin, a 40-year-old freelance editor, is in a loving relationship with his two girlfriends, Amy (who asked ABC News to create a pseudonym for her) and Ebony Thomas.

Amy, 40, and Benjamin have two children together. Thomas, also 40, and Benjamin are parents to a 3-month-old baby girl.

The three all live in New York City and Benjamin alternates daily between the two households. When it comes to celebrating holidays, including Valentine’s Day, they’re pretty diplomatic.

“We alternate each year,” Benjamin explained to ABC News. “I know Valentine’s Day is important to [Amy] — well, it’s more important to her eldest [10-year-old] daughter.”

“Luckily for Jamal, it’s not a big deal to me. So if we don’t see each other on the 14th, I’m perfectly fine with him spending the day with [Amy],” she explained. “We did talk about splitting the day and to me it just seems like too much. I’d rather see him the next day or the day before…or vice versa.”


The real problem will be splitting Mothers Day. Jamal knows that and had a pretty funny response when asked how he’ll decided.

“I’m hoping I have to work that day.”

Remember guys, more doesn’t always equal better.

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