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How Keith Thurman’s Star Can Continue To Rise With An Impressive Win Against Garcia

It’s a fight that cannot be avoided. Both boxers wanted to face off against one another and now, it’s finally happening. Danny Garcia is set to take on Keith Thurman in what’s expected to be a major showdown. Who do you have winning?

As you can see above, yesterday’s weigh in had everything that the fans wanted to see. Neither of these opponents are backing down and tonight, they get to put their gloves where their mouths are as they put them up.

What should you expect tonight? The only word that I can come up with is competition. These two athletes have been going through rigorous training camps but it has become rather tough to pinpoint a clear winner. Let’s take a look at how each boxer is and what they can bring to the table.

Keith Thurman has a lot at stake tonight. He’s not trying to add a loss to his perfect record. Thurman hasn’t been in the ring since he beat Shawn Porter last June but tonight, he’s prepared to gain his 28th victory. During the press conference on Thursday, he displayed his confidence in full swing.

“I’ve had a great camp. This is nothing new to me. I’m happy to be in this moment with all these people here. I’ve had a dream since I was a little boy to be not just your average champion, but to be a great champion. He feels confident and I feel confident. I believe that I have more to offer. I feel that I can box my way to victory. I visualize outcomes. I don’t think Danny wins without a stoppage. If it goes to the scorecards, it’ll favor me.”

It sounds like Thurman is ready for this fight to go all the way till the 12th round. If Thurman plans on winning tonight, he needs to make sure his punching strength is ready to go. But in regards to tonight, I think Thurman will start out a bit slow to feel out Garcia and then come back mighty in the 4th round.

Let’s not forget to discuss his opponent Danny Garcia. Garcia knows that he’s the clear underdog here. As a rooter of underdogs, this is a great platform for shine to come his way and prove everything and everyone wrong. Much like Thurman, he doesn’t have a loss and he’s not ready to get his first one tonight. During the presser, Garcia spoke up and he knows how he stands in people’s eyes.

“People say he’s the bigger man because he’s been at this weight longer than me. I’m taller than him, I’m wider than him and I have a bigger back than him. I feel like I’m the fresher welterweight. I’ve been the underdog before. All ‘underdog’ means is that there are a whole bunch of people who don’t know what I can do. I rise to the occasion every time. I win because I’m better. On Saturday night I’m going to prove it again.”

Garcia does have the ability to potentially stop Thurman but in my eyes, I think Thurman has studied his opponent well and for my prediction, I believe he will win tonight by TKO. The round is unsure only because it might even happen in the 12th round.

I think the real winner here is CBS for the prime-time broadcast. Don’t miss out on this great match and tune in tonight at 9 pm EST to catch these fighters go toe to toe against one another.