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Jim Harbaugh & Chip Kelly Explain Why Kap Isn’t A “Distraction” & Can Still Play QB

If there are at LEAST two people who can comment on Kap’s QB play and the locker room it’s Chip Kelly & Jim Harbaugh.

Kap is still a free agent despite qb’s who have worse numbers than him getting signed. Kap hasn’t even gotten a call.

There’s a whole run around as to why he’s a free agent and what you here most from football fans and NFL people are that A) he’s a distraction and B) he can’t play. Not that he’s getting blackballed for his protest. All 3 things could be the case BUT the hypocrisy and contradictions are ridiculous. Some people should just be honest about it rather than mask it with the, “he can’t play/”distraction” because what is a distraction in the NFL nowadays?

For those who say he is one, Chip Kelly, head coach and frequent locker room attendee of the 49ers this past season said that wasn’t the case.

In a Sports Illustrated piece by Michael Rosenberg, here’s what Chip Kelly said about Kap,

“There was zero distraction. He met with the team immediately after [his first protest]. He met with the other team leaders. He explained his position and where he was coming from. And literally, that was it. Colin was focused on football. He was all about the team and trying to help us win.”

He also said, Kap came to every voluntary offseason program last spring even as he was recovering from surgery. Imagine what Kap would do if he did prioritize football?

This is Chip Kelly here and with his past record, he handled it well.

Another man who knows about Kap, is his former coach Harbaugh. In all this talk about Kap not being what he used to be, are the 49ers what they used to be? So, of course they’re losing because they aren’t a good anymore. Harbaugh is a really good coach and since he left they haven’t been the same.

Harbaugh had a checkered past with the protest but has since found a new perspective because of his players at Michigan.

Talking to Rosenberg he says,

“Kaepernick’s actions worked, at least for him. “It wasn’t a distraction because we were listening to what they were saying and they had a valid point. And they continue to have a valid point.”

Both Kelly and Harbaugh say Kap can still play and he’s not a distraction. Many people in the 49ers locker room have vouched for him. Why all the bs?