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LaVar Ball on How His Sons Could Be Better Than Michael Jordan (Video)

It’s safe to say that LaVar Ball is a confident man and has all the confidence in the world in his sons. In the past few weeks, Ball has said that his son Lonzo is already better than Steph Curry, will lead UCLA to the NCAA title, and will only play for the Lakers. This has led to some backlash and head scratching over his hyperbolic comments.

This time, ball sat down with ESPN’s Scoop Jackson for a feature and dropped another bomb quote about Michael Jordan.

“I’ve told my boys this: Somebody gotta be better than Michael Jordan,” LaVar says. “Why not you?”

LaVar Ball is obviously setting the bar of success for his sons very high, but it’s getting hard to understand if LaVar Ball is really serious about his quotes, or just saying outlandish things for publicity.  Either way, his strategy is working as LaVar Ball and his sons Lonzo, LaMelo, and LiAngelo are becoming household names in the sports world.

All of his son’s are tremendously talented players, but it would better if he allowed his sons to prove their talent at each level before heaping this type of pressure on them.

Flip the page for video of LaVar Ball’s comments.

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