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Shumpert On How Being Traded From Knicks Was Like Getting Out of Hell

Playing for the New York Knicks is not something no one wants to do willingly nowadays, so when shooting guard Iman Shumpert was traded a couple seasons ago, it was a major blessing.

However, at first, Shumpert felt bad. 

I was hurt when I got traded, so it would’ve been cool for me if I had at least gotten to play my last games with them. I was sitting out for like a month and by the time I got traded, it was a deflating feeling, especially with that season that we were having. I felt like I didn’t get a chance to help get us out of the hole, you know what I mean? (winces) I just felt bad and felt like we had dropped a bunch of games.I felt bitter that I had to leave on such a bad note. I just remember the feeling [sucked]. It was like, ‘Ah, I’m hurt, we’ve lost a bunch of games in a row and then I’m traded.’

Nonetheless, it didn’t take long for Shumpert to snap back to reality.

Then, shortly after we walk in and we get to playing with the Cavs, we go on a long winning streak. I kept thinking back to my old teammates like, ‘Damn, I was hurt and we were losing. Now I come here and I’m playing well and the energy is great.’ I just felt like they kind of grabbed me out of hell. And every game was being showcased on TV and we’re winning. It was just crazy. I was happy, but I felt bad too.”

Now, Shumpert is an NBA champion.