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Photo of Magic Trade & Free Agent Targets Posted on Social Media

The franchise most famous for losing two of the NBA’s most dominating big men (one more so than the other) in the midst of their primes appears to have had an even stupider slip up, which is saying something.

Monday, the Orlando Magic announced they’d signed undrafted free-agent rookie SG Patricio Garino, & here’s the picture posted by his agent after the signing:

Nothing extraordinary about this right?

Take a closer look:

Looks like they forgot to remove what looks to be the team’s “wish list”, or list of players they’re scoping out for trade activity. Amongst the most notable names on the list, is talented 76ers rookie Dario Saric, whose been named in recent rumors in a possible Aaron Gordon trade.

Saric was actually drafted by the Magic with the 10th pick in 2014, so it’s interesting they’d be trying to get him back so soon, but then again 76ers general manager Sam Hinkie finessed Orlando into taking¬†Elfrid Payton for him so maybe they’ve finally realized the mistake.

Either way, the Magic can’t be happy to be seeing their offseason plans plastered on social media.