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Politicians Trying to Kick UNC & NC State Out of ACC if Controversial Law Boycotted Again

North Carolina Legislators seem to be obsessed with removing the same human rights afforded to everyone from the LGBTQ community, and I do not understand it.

House Bill 2, the controversial North Carolina law that allows businesses to openly discriminate against LGBTQ; forced the ACC to pull their championship games & tournaments out of the state last year.

Lawmakers want to make it clear that if it happens again; they’ll have no issue removing the UNC Tarheels & NC State Wolfpack out of the conference entirely as a response.

Via, ESPN:

Several North Carolina legislators were unhappy with the initial decision the ACC Council of Presidents made to boycott the state. They have proposed House Bill 728, filed Tuesday, which states any public state school in a conference that boycotts North Carolina would be barred from “extending any grant of media rights to the conference” and “shall immediately provide written notice to the conference that the constituent institution intends to withdraw from the conference no later than when the assignment of its media rights expire, unless the conference immediately ends the boycott.”

“Now these conferences, they’re going to have to think twice about doing a boycott, especially for something that’s as out of their core mission as they did trying to influence legislation of the General Assembly,” said Rep. Mark Brody, one of the primary sponsors of the bill. “If they do it again, now they’ll know there will be a price to pay.”

ACC commissioner John Swofford did his part to put the fire out, speaking to local reporters on the matter:

It’s crazy that politicians are fighting so hard to limit the rights of American citizens; should be outright criminal.

Sports leagues that generate millions of dollars for the state can threaten to leave, professional & collegiate all-star games can choose other states, other state leaders can denounce the law, and none of it matters to these people.

That should tell you something about how they feel about anything that isn’t “for them”.