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Al Horford’s Sister Anna on Draymond Being a Douche & Touching Nuts (Photos)

Not sure if Draymond really cares about people talking about him; He’s a champion. If it was me, I’d use my rings to plug my ears. Does that make me awful?

Either way, when Draymond Green called Celtic’s center, Kelly Olynyk, a dirty player a lot of people raised eyebrows at him like “Really, Draymond?! YOU of ALL players?”, hey, the guy has an opinion. Regardless, whether you believe Draymond is “dirtier”, he’s entitled to have an opinion like everyone else, but there is one person in particular who has held a grudge against Draymond for years and to this day is still disgusted by him.

Al Horford sister, Anna (who has never held her tongue), offered her opinion on Draymond and his comments.

Safe to say, the tweet picked up stem, but according to Anna, her dislike for Draymond is nothing new and stems back to the families Michigan days….

My brother John did, playing for Michigan and Draymond played for State. So we kind of had that rivalry. I’ve never really been a huge Draymond fan. I think he’s kind of a douche. He was just here in East Lansing last summer, and he got arrested for punching someone in the face. So, that’s just not the kind of player or person that I care for at all.

Surely,  this is just another tally on the wall for Draymond, but do you think Anna has a point or is Draymond just playing this “bad guy” role for the Warriors and basketball?

Also note, there isn’t any known beef between Al and Draymond.

More of Anna….

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