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Kobe Tries To Understand Why People Think Cavs vs Warriors is a Bad Thing

Kobe Bryant said he hasn’t watched a lot of playoff basketball which is fine considering it’s been blah this year.

We are now in the 2nd round and the Cavs and Warriors are chilling. Both swept their opponents and awaiting for their conference finals challenger. However, it’s clear Cavs and Warriors are destined to meet again and people think that’s bad for the NBA.

Bryant on the other hand can’t figure out why it’s bad. He spoke to ESPN’s Jackie MacMullan and here’s what he said about the rematch.

“Why is that bad for basketball? That makes no sense,” Bryant says. “Just because it’s preordained that’s a bad thing?

“I know I’m going to wake up in the morning. Is that a bad thing? I don’t think it is.”

Why is it a bad thing? Two of the most talked about teams playing for the championship? There always seems to be SOMETHING that’s bad for the NBA. Are super teams bad for NBA? Well, look at the finals ratings during the Heat years. Was it bad?

No matter what happens people are going to watch because there’s a story here. This is the WrestleMania main event that’s been building for 2 years. This is Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker WM 25 & 26.

People are going to tune in because someone has to lose. It’s either going to be LeBron and people love to pounce on him or it’s going to be the Kevin Durant assisted Warriors.

Twitter will explode no matter what.