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LaVar Ball’s Masterplan to Make Lonzo a Laker is a Bit Far-Fetched

ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne sat down with LaVar and Lonzo Ball to get more insight into the “Big Baller” family. LaVar is the brash talking helicopter parent who has captivated the sports world and Lonzo is the stoic eldest son whom all the hype is built on. LaVar is going against traditional methods to develop the next generation NBA superstar, and believes everything is happening according to plan. LaVar would like his son to be a Los Angeles Laker, and we will find out tomorrow if the Lakers will have a top 3 pick during next month’s draft. For LaVar, Lonzo will be a Laker and his master plan is working because he “speaks it into existence.”

If you are religious and/or believe in the power of language the idea of “speaking it into existence” makes sense. The thought being that your words can awaken the universe and the things a person seek, can be achieved. Whether you buy that or not, is irrelevant. What LaVar has done is essentially created a system of belief around Lonzo and his other sons. In the interview with Ramona, about his dad Lonzo says:

I believe what he says. And I’m 100 percent behind it.

What LaVar has been preaching to Lonzo has worked thus far. Now, whether Lonzo becomes a Laker has to do with things outside of LaVar’s control. If the Lakers land a top 3 pick (47% chance at top 3 and 16% chance at #1) it has more to do with chance and variance, though LaVar might believe otherwise.

Saying you want Lonzo to be a Laker is all well and good but beyond securing a top 3 pick, it depends on the team’s needs and what Magic Johnson and GM Rob Pelinka decide is best for the franchise. Drafting Ball and securing a top-tier NBA player via trade or free agency are certainly moves the Lakers are considering. But a lot needs to happen for all of that to become a reality. It all starts with securing a top 3 pick. LaVar wants Lonzo to be a Laker and says he will keep saying it until it happens.