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Reggie Miller Chimes in Lonzo and LaVar Ball

Lonzo, what you have to deal with after the NBA Draft shouldn’t be placed on any kid. There is a different with high playing expectations and then there are the expectations of your father and the feeling of failing him and his faith in you. Ideally, there is nothing you can do to be a failure in your dad’s eyes, and I pray thats the case for you.

Like many people, Reggie Miller has his thoughts on the Ball family and their expectation of their children. Miller’s comments on Lonzo entering the NBA is something I’ve often wondered…. will people be targeting this kid?

“Absolutely, I know if I was playing I would go after that kid,” Miller said on ESPN’s ‘Pardon the Interruption.’ “Absolutely.”

“His father, with his mouth, he’s going to have to cash a lot of checks for that. Absolutely, so yes. I know if I was in the league and I heard all this, ‘Oh, you’re better than Steph [Curry], you’re better than LeBron [James]. Yes, absolutely. Huge bullseye. Huge.”

His father does have him in a deep hole, but luckily Lonzo has focused his attention to the court and not interjecting every time his father says something outlandish. Do you think Lonzo will be have to be weary when he enters the NBA?