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Social Media Detectives Theorize Which NBA Player BBWLA Star Slept With Before His Wedding (Photos)

Internet detectives were on high tactical alert when VH1 introduced a new IG Model during Monday’s episode of Basketball Wives: LA. Kicking things off with a bang the latest addition reveals she had an affair with a top player.

According to Bossip freshman cast member Saniy’yah Samaa, a stylist from Pennsylvania who was arrested on grand theft charges in September, revealed during Monday’s episode that she had an affair with a married man in the NBA.

“This was like the top person in the NBA, me and him were cool. I would come to the games with him, sit courtside, front row, I was like a nice little arm piece for him—but did he have someone? Yeah. He had kids with her. So I’m not gonna say that he wasn’t with her. […] He has 3 kids.”

“Let’s just say I’m 99 percent sure I know exactly who this man is and knowing that, GIRL you were a homewrecker,” said Shaunie in a confessional.

“I just was like, ‘I love him.’” said Saniy’yah about her actions.

As further details of the affair were revealed, including an admission that Samaa slept with the mystery man the day before his wedding, viewers debated the identity of the mystery player narrowing it down to two big names. Previous new cast intros contained a little background on which player was involved, but in this instance the other party may have intervened legally to prevent his name from being said on the show.

While trying to uncover the player’s identify, sleuths began to discover details of Samaa’s involvement with a grand theft auto ring and recent arrest. As the pictures made the rounds, Saniy’yah posted a message on Instagram maintaining her innocence and says she was set up by a former friend.

To address all these “theft” rumors in my comments… In 2011 I stayed at a hotel in ATL on a “hookup”… the room was in someone else’s name (on their hookup) but my ID was used to check myself in. Me and (a close friend at the time) stayed there for approximately 4 or 5 days and ran up a room service bill. We left the hotel with unpaid charges. Being as tho my ID was on file, they put the charges on me. I later found out I had a warrant for this. Time went by and I was no longer friends with this person….. In 2012 I was staying in ATL at another hotel and posted a pic with my location. A person that I once considered a FRIEND contacted Atlanta PD and told where I was staying. I was arrested early that next morning for THEFT OF SERVICE!!!

An arrest history must be the second requirement on the BBWLA application. To see additional photos of Saniy’yah, including her mug shot and explanation, flip the pages.

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