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The Real Sidechicks of Charlotte on Not Being Home Wreckers, But Are They Scammers? (Pics-Vids)

Reality TV is responsible for a lot of unbelievable things but if this is true, this takes the cake. It looks like a big scam but we could be wrong.

According to NBC Charlotte, not only are posters for a show entitled “The Real Side Chicks of Charlotte” real, but they are currently filming in locations around Charlotte. Show creators told the news station the series is about women who are “side chicks and proud of it.”

“This show is based around the side chicks perspective, using men for money the same way men use them,” Pete Pitrelli said. “These women have no desire to be wives/main chicks, they are perfectly okay with their positions and want nothing more than to have fun.”

In a story posted by The Jasmine Brand, the alleged cast is speaking out ahead of the debut to explain why they aren’t home wreckers because they are receiving the same treatment as wives and publicly acknowledged significant others.

“It’s not so much as we want to be known as, that’s just how it goes. You might look at it as a side-chick, but I look at it as a main chick as well because I’m getting the same treatment, it’s not really the same qualifications of what you would call a side-chick because you just don’t life it because it’s “our” man.”

It’s not that we’re tearing up homes or happy homes or whatever you want to call it. It’s at the end of the day, are you doing what YOU’RE supposed to be doing for your man. Are you doing what you’re supposed to be doing to keep him?”

Wow. First the Fat Boys and now this. Still seems unbelievable so keep your “Joanne the scammer” wigs and furs handy before welcoming them into your home.

Although the promo picture looks like a Bravo TV show, it is reportedly still being shopped around to several networks.

To see pictures of the “cast” and more, flip the pages.

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