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Details on Cops ‘Odd’ Behavior Handling Venus Williams’ Car Crash Evidence

The most tragic fact of this whole thing is that a life has been lost.

Ever since reports of tennis superstar Venus Williams being involved in a fatal accident broke, there’s been vast speculation about just what exactly happened.

Williams says she had the green light & was only traveling 5 MPH into the intersection & blocked by traffic, when she was T-boned by the Hyundai hatchback driven by Linda Barson, whose 78-year-old husband, Jerome, was sadly killed in the crash.

Barson says Williams ran a red light, causing her to slam into the side of her vehicle.

Given this daily simple disparity in what occurred, surveillance video from the area should help sort this mess out right?

You’d think so, but it seems like the police are behaving weirdly with the video evidence from the scene.

TMZ elaborates:

Barson’s lawyers say they have repeatedly asked cops for a copy of the video or even just to view it, but they have been shut down … although they say cops told them today, “Maybe next week.” The lawyers also asked the board at the gated community for a copy of the video but were told no. Lawyers are now in the process of attempting to subpoena the footage.

In addition to the shady handling of the footage, TMZ also reports the police neglected to properly download ‘black box’ info from Venus Williams’ vehicle before releasing it to her saying that “it wasn’t working”:

We’re also told cops downloaded information from the black box in Barson’s Hyundai, but did not do the same with Venus’ SUV. In fact, Barson’s lawyers say cops told them they tried to download the SUV’s black box but were unable to and they told the tow yard they could release the vehicle to Venus … as opposed to keeping it as evidence until they could figure out how to download the info

There’s no way to know exactly what really happened without that video, however it’s important to note police initially blamed Venus for the accident the day it happened, saying she “violated the right of the other driver”.

Hopefully that video surfaces soon so the truth can surface, because someone is obviously either mistaken, or flat out lying.