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Why Friday’s Preseason Giants Game Means More To Geno Smith

Geno Smith has impressed many in training camp with his accuracy and downright looks sharp. Friday is the much awaited preseason game against the Steelers. This game is a huge opportunity for Geno Smith to show what he’s got.

We’re all fighting for a spot in some way shape or form and in this case, Geno Smith is trying to secure that backup quarterback spot. He does have some competition-Davis Webb but for Smith, this stage is bigger and its to prove to the league that despite his injury, he can bounce back from that and from the interceptions he recorded while with the Jets.

“When it comes to those interceptions, majority of those happened as a rookie,” Smith said. “I’m not making an excuse for it, but I learned from those mistakes. This is four years later so I should be better. I am better. I’m smarter. I understand it. I see it better. And that just comes with getting more reps and getting a better feel for the NFL game.”

He does appear to be in better shape.

“Having a knee injury, you don’t have a time to take a break,” Smith said. “My weight is up, but my body fat is down, so that’s something that’s a positive.”

As we all know, preseason games are a huge opportunity for the nonstarters to shine and if you’re Geno Smith, you make sure to shine as you’re expected to play the majority of the game.

The Steelers visit the Giants at MetLife on Friday August 11 and the action starts at 7 pm.