LaVar Ball Threatens To Keep Son, LaMelo, Out Of College Due To Battle With NCAA – BlackSportsOnline
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LaVar Ball Threatens To Keep Son, LaMelo, Out Of College Due To Battle With NCAA

Absolutely, he is. Lavar maybe a lot of things, but stupid ain’t one. LaMelo Ball is a junior in high school and while he is the last Ball brother to head to college soon, the stage light has already been set on him. With his own signature shoe in hand, Melo is facing the NCAA head on concerning his eligibility to play, but with his head-strong father by his side, Melo is up for the challenge. 

At what point does the NCAA draw the line on kids being their own boss? The NCAA makes billions off the backs of these kids without them benefiting from the fame they bring to the game or to the school they’re attending. Ball has set the standard for his boys; Not only guaranteeing their success on all platforms but also generating family wealth from within and creating their own brand. Ball may have his quirks and a loud mouth, but if you watched their Facebook show, “Ball in the family”, then you’re aware the immense love Ball has for his family and placing his sons in positions to win.

NCAA vs. Ball is a battle worth seeing. It will set precedent for future kids wanting to generate their own cash or avoid college basketball altogether and find another route to the NBA. Ball was recently on ESPN’s “First Take” and stated what most parents have longed to say, “So what if the NCAA doesn’t approve?”,

“When it comes to basketball and you’re good, you just better be ready for training camp,” LaVar said on ESPN’s “First Take” program. “So they can’t stop me by saying, ‘OK, he’s not going to the NCAA. Who cares? He won’t go to the NCAA.

“Oh, he better go overseas? Why? All he’s got to do is be faster and stronger, and when it’s time to prepare, we can sit out for as long as we want. If they’re going to give him a chance, they’re going to give him a chance.”

It’s understandable that most people see Ball as outrageous or exploiting his sons for fame, but it’s bigger than that. Ball has started something rare in the public eye; He’s propelled his son’s into believing they can do anything they put their mind to just be speaking it into existence and working hard. When watching their family show, you’re able to see a different side of the Ball family, a loving, hardworking and fun family, who believe they are meant to change the game… by their rules. Whats the harm in that? Why are people so afraid to see a father do whatever is necessary to ensure the success of their children? Or is it because people aren’t using to seeing a strong black father make everything he says come true?

If LaMelo doesn’t go to UCLA, I’m sure there is a loophole to him getting into the NBA. If not, Ball will make one.