Why Jason Whitlock Crossed The Line By Having FS1 Employee Mockingly Dressed Up as Kaepernick & His Disrespect of Black People – BlackSportsOnline
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Why Jason Whitlock Crossed The Line By Having FS1 Employee Mockingly Dressed Up as Kaepernick & His Disrespect of Black People

Let’s make one thing clear it doesn’t matter the race of the employee because the intent is classless regardless of the race.

You hear this phrase a lot….

“People are entitled to their opinions.”

That is correct and there are a lot of opinions about Colin Kaepernick and frankly some of them are masked to hide the racism and white supremacy that is running rampant in our country.

You expect that from racists and people who wish that no minorities were in this country. You know what you are dealing with when people are giving NAZIs symbols and wearing white hoods.

It is so damaging though when you look at someone the same color as you mocking the black power fist, African-American hairstyles and someone who stands against racial injustice.

I’ve interviewed Jason Whitlock before and my take away from that interview is that he actually believes in what he says. While I think he is acutely aware of how to manipulate his audience, I think this is who he really is.

That can even be more dangerous in my opinion because there is really a lot of hate in his heart for Colin Kaepernick and those who believe in the same things Kaepernick believes in.

So, while part of it is an angle to try to get attention and have us take the bait, the scarier part is deep down this is really what Whitlock believes about black people.

To me that is the difference between a Stephen A. Smith and a Jason Whitlock. Stephen A. does WWE style promos because he knows that is how he makes his money. He doesn’t always say the right things or they come out convoluted, but it is all under the guise to make his shows interesting.

Jason Whitlock isn’t a showman, he is just someone who has taken a really hardline stance against things like Colin Kaepernick and Black Lives Matter. He has profited handsomely from taking an anti-black stance.

Any time a high-profile black person speaks out against black people, they will always get appearances and jobs, because it makes it easier for the white supremacists to trot them out on camera and then say..

“How can I be racist when this black man said the same thing?”

I know FS1 are trotting alternative style shows, but this was way over the line and offensive to a lot of people.

Even if you don’t care for Colin Kaepernick, don’t mock the black power movement, don’t mock our hairstyles, because without those people fighting for us doing the Civil Rights Movement, Jason Whitlock wouldn’t be afforded the opportunity to disrespect his people so much.

Just think about that.

I have reached out to FS1 for comment, but haven’t heard back as of yet.

Shannon Sharpe says he will be speaking to the HEAD of FS1 when I reached out to him.