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Here is the Video of DeShone Kizer Doing Nothing Wrong in Club That Has Hue Jackson Mad

Much ado has been made about Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback DeShone Kizer being out late at a bar last Friday. The Browns had a game on Sunday in which they lost and Kizer did not play well. He was pulled from the game by HC Hue Jackson. After the game Jackson was made aware of the video and the fact that Kizer was out until 1:30 and said “it means a lot”, continuing:

A guy’s personal time is his personal time, but I still think that is not what our guys do. I think our guys work at what they do, and I would be surprised if that happened. I have never heard of that. I don’t think DeShone has that kind of character or personality that way.

For his part Kizer refused to talk about his personal life and said he was at the facility the next day preparing per usual. The Browns had no curfew on Friday so he didn’t violate any team rules.

Did Kizer being out a bar until 1:30 am hurt his ability to perform on Sunday? No. He’s not going to be up at midnight or 1 am studying plays. Questioning the young man’s character or personality is out of line. Jackson is obviously worried about losing his job as the team is currently winless. Kizer is not playing well but he is a rookie quarterback playing on a terrible team. The Browns have so many issues organizationally. Kizer is a symptom not the disease. Bad ownership, management and coaching lead to poor product on the field. That organization needs a complete remake and overhaul.

The question I have, is who is out here snitching on grown men going to the bar?

Flip the page to see the video of Kizer doing nothing at the bar, courtesy of Cleveland News 19.

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