Klay Thompson Outlines Similarities Between Warriors & 90s Bulls; See How Steve Kerr Responded – BlackSportsOnline
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Klay Thompson Outlines Similarities Between Warriors & 90s Bulls; See How Steve Kerr Responded

Klay Thompson has never been one to hold his tongue, & with his Warriors riding high fresh off another championship; he’s starting to let the chatter about the comparisons to the 90s Bulls get to him.

Thompson was asked if his Warriors were the closest thing to the dominant Jordan-led Bulls:

“What’s that, six championships in eight years?” Thompson said Saturday. “So we’re, what, like only a third of the way there? I think it’s close. We still have a long way to go, but I do see the fandom, the fanfare like the Bulls had in the ’90s.”

“Every time the Bulls came to town, that was the ticket of the year. Now it’s when the Warriors come to town, that’s the must-see game. And we don’t take that for granted; that’s such a cool position to be in. We rarely play in front of a crowd that’s not sold out. That’s so special. It’s hard to really grasp that as a player. So I think it’s close. I still think we’re not on their level yet, but that’s what we aspire to be of the 2000s. We aspire to be that dynasty that will be in the minds of NBA fans forever.”

“It was cool a couple years ago when we were chasing that 73-win season,” Thompson said. “Just being compared to that team is an honor. There’s definitely motivation. I would love to match up, play against Michael Jordan. That would be a dream. Obviously we don’t have a time machine, but that would be pretty special to see that.”

Having been right in the midst of those six championships, winning three himself; Warriors coach Steve Kerr was quick to toss a wet blanket on those comparisons & remind people they have a long way to go before they’re in that rarified air:

“We can’t match what the Bulls did,” Kerr said, when asked about the possibility earlier in the week. “They won six championships in eight years. And we have two in three years, which is great, but we’d like to keep going. We’d like to win more, so we have a chance to do something great not only this year but the next few years. But we have to work hard and also get lucky too. You have to stay healthy, and things have to go your way, so we’ll do our best and enjoy the ride while we’re on it.”

In essence, both Thompson & Kerr are right. Make no mistake, the NBA hasn’t seen anything close to that Bulls dynasty since…well, until these Warriors. Two championships in three seasons is an incredible feat, and as long as everyone stays healthy, there’s definitely at least two future hall of famers on the team.

Thompson is also right when he proclaims Warriors games as must-see events. However, as Steve Kerr said, they have a long way to go. Six championships is a long, long way from two, or even four.

It’ll be interesting seeing how the league continues to adjust as the Warriors get better & better over time. If this past offseason is any indication, the excitement is just beginning.