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Kobe on What He Thinks of BIG!! BALLER!!! BRAND!!! (Video)

Everyone has their own opinion about the way LaVar Ball is marketing his BIG BALLER BRAND & Lonzo Ball’s BBB kicks.

Kobe is the latest star to chime in on the Big Baller:

Kobe is right, the success, or lack thereof of BIG BALLER BRAND will ultimately come down to the family’s dedication & promotion of the products…and how Lonzo performs on the court.

One thing though, every single time Lonzo take the court wearing different sneakers than his own Zo2 shoe, he misses opportunities to build a lucrative buzz. Every time he plays a nationally televised game, that’s millions of new eyes that aren’t getting to see the kicks he wants to sell.

I support the Ball family shaking things up, but that part of the process I don’t understand. Yes, not wearing the signature sneakers shows BIG BALLER BRAND players don’t have to wear any one specific shoe, but don’t you think the people you want to buy the shoe would be more apt to if they see Lonzo playing in them?

Why would parents trust their kids to ball in a shoe Lonzo won’t even consistently wear?