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Draymond Green on Why the Cavs Should Be Worried About LeBron

Draymond Green says Cleveland Cavaliers fans shouldn’t be all that worried about the team’s 7-7 start.

According to Draymond Green, they should be worried about an overworked LeBron. The Warriors forward discussed LeBron’s heavy workload during a Q & A with Sam Amick of USA Today.

I don’t think anyone should be panicking 12 games in, or 13 games in. However, there are some glaring concerns with them. And at the same time, you’re missing a 30-point (per game) player (in Thomas) on the bench who’s hurt. So my concern would be that LeBron is playing so many minutes right now.

“Yeah, he’s super human but eventually his super human powers go away, so that would be more of my concern if I’m a Cavs fan or somebody with the Cavs or a player, is like ‘Man, he’s been playing a lot of 40 minute (nights) and it’s only Nov. 12.’ But I wouldn’t be pressing the panic button just yet.”

In his 15th season, LeBron is playing an average of 38.1 minutes per game, the most in the league. With newly acquired Isaiah Thomas still out with a hip injury and Kyrie Irving balling in Boston, it’s clear that LeBron feels the pressure, having played more than 40 minutes in six games already this season.

Coupled with the Cavs deep playoff run to the Finals the last two years, and an early start to the season this year, LeBron didn’t get much time to rest. The wear and tear likely contributed to LeBron’s nagging injury during what he described as the “worst training camp of his career”.

Is LeBron’s number of minutes a cause for concern in Cleveland?