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Geno Smith on Giants Playing Him Like a Yo-Yo & His Future As a Quarterback

The Giants host the Dallas Cowboys this Sunday at MetLife Stadium and Eli Manning will be back under center as the starting quarterback. That means Geno Smith will be back on the bench and presumably won’t see anymore action this season. Needless to say, Smith is frustrated and his future in the league is in question. Smith spoke to the media on Wednesday. As reported by Tom Rock of Newsday, he’s not happy, saying:

Any competitor wouldn’t be. To be put in that situation where you get a chance to play and then you’re being pulled, but it’s not because you played bad, you try to figure out why. But you’ve got to understand that some things happen in this business and you’ve just got to roll with it.

Can’t really blame Geno here. He thought this would be his opportunity to prove he can play qb in the league. Despite the Giants litany of issues, he wasn’t terrible last Sunday. But, interim coach Steve Spagnuolo and owner John Mara know that if Manning doesn’t start on Sunday things are going to get ugly with the fanbase.

The question remains though, can Geno play in the league? He thinks so, but knows he needs to improve continuing:

To some people it may never be enough and to others it will be. That’s not my job to focus on that. My job is to get better as a player, focus on my game and how I can improve. Obviously, there are some things that I can improve on from Sunday and that’s what I’ll focus on.

Hard to improve when you’re not playing. While the Giants qb of the future has certainly not been identified, it doesn’t look like Geno will get a chance to throw his hat in that ring, and for him that’s disappointing.