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Marlins Trade Giancarlo Stanton To The Yankees

The Miami Marlins continue their fire sale. A few days after trading 2nd baseman Dee Gordon they have traded away Stanton for a bag of chips and dip. No really, anytime you trade the reigning MVP and you do not get back any top prospects or players just a terrible deal.

Maybe Jeter’s plan was to help the Yankees all along. Yes, the Yankees are giving up all-star second baseman Starlin Castro, which in my opinion is nothing great. I understand Jeter and his fellow new owner want to reduce the payroll but you simply don’t trade away the MVP, and if you do, you get a big haul of prospects or players in return! You simply can’t expect to compete in a salary cap-less sport with a payroll of 90 million.

Stanton is coming off a historic season in which he hit .281/59/132. I have no idea what Jeter’s plan for the Marlins is, but this was a step in the wrong direction. When you have a franchise player you simply build around him no matter the cost, especially when you have bright stars with talent in Marcell Ozuna and Christian Yelich as his fellow outfielders.

The Yankees now have the best power trio and duo in baseball with Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez and now Giancarlo Stanton. Also with the short porches in Yankee stadium Stanton might just obliterate his 59 HR season. As the Yankees take on most of Stanton’s salary it is unknown how they will look to improve their starting rotation which is the clubs weakest link. The Yankees said they wanted to add a starter or two, but it’s unknown if the Yankees can accomplish that right now.

The deal is still pending the approval of Stanton and also Stanton has to pass a physical for the Yankees.

The Yankees will receive 30 Million in cash from the Marlins as well as Stanton in exchange for Starlin Castro and two prospects.