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Adam Silver Welcomes Idea Of Player/Officials Meeting During All-Star Weekend

It’s no secret that officiating has been a problem across the sports board, but it’s almost a rarity that you see commissioners invite both sides to a meeting to find some common ground.

NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver, has decided to step forward and try for common ground with officials and players. From Lebron James, Draymond Green and James Harden, players have been receiving fines of $25k from bashing the way officials call their games. With officials seemingly ignoring player comments and suggestions, nothing seems to be working to keep both sides happy, here’s where Silver steps in. According to Sporting News, Silver has stated the following,

“I’d say I’m listening to the players’ complaints but also the referees’ complaints. Although it’s getting a fair amount of attention at the moment, we’ve looked back and there haven’t been a greater number of ejections or technicals.

“We have a small enough league where I think it’s about building relationships. I know it’s been reported a group of players are going to get together with a group of officials at the All-Star break. I hope that really does happen. I think that would be helpful.”

Officiating may not seem to be a problem to Silver, but from the outside looking in, it seems as though officials think they control the games. Even a small incident such as an official turning their back on a player can be looked at as immature and egotistical. At what point do you completely ignore a player when they’re looking for an explanation of a call?

Whatever ego trip officials are on, let’s hope it ends soon. There have been plenty of ruined games because of it and as a fan, Im over it.