Eagles Have a Plan to Fix Nick Foles Before Playoff Game, But It’s Not a Good One – BlackSportsOnline
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Eagles Have a Plan to Fix Nick Foles Before Playoff Game, But It’s Not a Good One

When the Eagles lost star QB Carson Wentz for the year to a torn ACL, it immediately de-stabilized a pretty solid situation they had going.

Enter backup QB Nick Foles.

Foles has seen limited success in the NFL, so he isn’t the worst option the Eagles could have, but he’s far from reliable. An indication of this is head coach Doug Pederson telling the public he’s digging in the crates trying to find out why Foles played well…back when he did.


After a couple down performances, Pederson and the coaching staff are using the bye week to look at old Foles film in order to properly tailor the current system to fit his strengths. Pederson has already checked out tape from Foles’ time in Philly under Andy Reid, his days with the St. Louis Rams and, of course, his two years under Chip Kelly.

Pederson’s offense is slower than Kelly’s gadget, hurry-up style one, but there are some similarities. He went on to suggest he might use elements of the quick snap in their playoff games coming up:

“I think he does [thrive in it], I think any quarterback does,” Pederson said. “Carson [Wentz] has obviously thrived in it when we go up-tempo. Something we’ll look at and spend some time this week putting our guys in that position.

“The quick-throw was there, a little play-action pass, the shotgun stuff,” said Pederson of Foles’ previous work. “Those are all things that are in our system, and we might just have to dust a few more off and get that ready to go. And that’s kind of what this week is for, to get some of those ideas and thoughts on paper and execute them this week in practice.”

These aren’t the most harmful comments in the world, but they don’t speak full confidence in Foles’ ability to get the job done.