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Jalen Rose Explains Why Kawhi Leonard Wants Out of San Antonio

Kawhi Leonard has had a difficult year mostly due to his quad injury. It’s been a lot to deal with and now the table might be shaking a little more.

Jalen Rose went on First Take and said that Kawhi wants out of San Antonio. Here’s what he said about the situation,

Kawhi Leonard wants out of San Antonio is what I’m hearing. The reason why is twofold. One is they’ve been unable to attract elite level, All-NBA caliber free agents to come play with him. Think about this: the reason why, in my opinion, we always talk about players joining large market teams. We never say who’s going to San Antonio to play with Kawhi.”

He continues on about the “Spurs way”

“Here is why I think players have not done that. The Spurs’ way looks like opportunity dressed in overalls. It looks like work and people really don’t want that”

This is interesting considering LaMarcus Aldridge is a high level talent but nowadays it feels like you need 10 superstars because of how loaded some of the other teams are, especially in the west.

As far as large market goes, look at OKC. When you’re a superstar, market size doesn’t matter much in today’s NBA.

Only time will tell with this one.