Jennifer Jarosik Breaks Down Why She is Suing Russell Simmons for $5 Million Over Rape Allegations

A woman is Suing Russell Simmons for $5 million for allegedly sexually assaulting her.

Her name is Jennifer Jarosik and she claims in new lawsuit according to TMZ, that Simmons invited her to his residence and wanted to have sex with her, which she refused. That’s when Simmons became aggressive pushing her onto the bed and pouncing on her.

The story goes on as she claims Simmons raped her.

Jarosik said she was,

“Sick, sore, lame, disabled and disordered, both internally and externally and suffered from extreme emotional distress.”

Perry Wander who filed the lawsuit seeks, $5 Million in punitive damages and other damages not specified.

More than a dozen woman have accused Simmons of sexual misconduct, no word from Simmons or those in his camp.