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The Joakim Noah Disaster Illustrates Current State For The Knicks

It’s not quite clear where the Knicks have derailed this season but then again, they have been derailed, for the most part, for the past 5 seasons. Players come and go as they can’t figure out how to maintain a lead in the third quarter. Now, Joakim Noah has disappeared but the team has moved on.

It’s a tad hard to “move on” considering that the Knicks offered Joakim Noah a 4-year contract valued at almost $73M. When this contract actually took place, Knicks Twitter lost their minds and it’s still shocking to see some with pulses. It was another ridiculous amount to pay him but considering his track record, we didn’t make that decision.

From Kristaps Porzingis’ season-ending injury to the team not being to close it out, there leaves a deeper question as Noah is not the biggest issue. Head coach Jeff Hornacek has made some questionable moves with his lineups, especially when the lead is close but I still cannot believe that the team let Willy Hernangomez go. Hernangomez added to the terrific mix in the young core that the Knicks possessed.

But if we continue to dig deeper, Noah’s absence is pretty wild considering the fact that this wouldn’t happen in the real world-you do a no call/no show, you’re gone with no pay. Hornacek has pretty much moved on.

“We’ve moved on. He’s ready to move on and maybe have an opportunity somewhere else,” Hornacek said following the Knicks’ first practice after the All-Star break.

His contract is the main issue because who will seriously want that responsibility? But as you may have observed, the fan base has tapped out, and MSG isn’t as packed as it use to get. These relationships need to be cultivated but how much “cleaning up” is left to do?

To answer our thought poised in the title, the current state is quite awkward as even the responses intended as answers to questions still aren’t enough.