Remember all those millions, 7 to be exact, that 50 Cent was reported to have made off Bitcoin ownership? Well it wasn’t true he says.

TMZ reports that Fif filed documents in bankruptcy court stating that he never owned any while conflicting reports are surfacing that he accepted the crypto currency as payment for the Animal Ambition album.

The rapper filed a sworn declaration in bankruptcy court, saying … “[I have] never owned and [do] not now own, a Bitcoin account or any Bitcoins.” The docs, obtained by TMZ, are extremely interesting, considering a month ago … he tweeted about the story we broke.

People close to 50 told us he accepted Bitcoin for the sale of his 2014 album, “Animal Ambition.” We were told he raked in about 700 bitcoin in sales … which would have been worth more than $7 mil, last month, anyway.

Bitcoin, or no Bitcoin, that is the question.