Jerry Jones’ Son Stephen Confirms Any Cowboys Player That Protests Against Racism & Police Brutality During Anthem Will Be Punished

As I have reported in the past, the Cowboys have been very clear behind the scenes with their players that if they protest against racism during the anthem, they will be punished severely.

Jerry Jones has said it, and now Stephen Jones has confirmed it while appearing on Norm and D Invasion on 1310 The Ticket here is a full transcript of what Stephen Jones had to say.

There are a couple of points I’d like to make to what Stephen Jones had to say.

The first one is the NFL, and the Cowboys have all type of causes that they speak up for before the game. Domestic Violence, breast cancer, veterans, etc. etc. All of sudden when racism and police brutality is something players want to bring to light before the game it is a problem.

Secondly, Stephen Jones makes it very clear he sees NFL players as property, not people. You are going to do what you are told no matter how you feel. Cowboys players only mean anything to them if they are producing on the field, they see them nothing more than that.

Lastly, it is from the white supremacist playbook to tell black people when, where and how to protest. This isn’t a violent protest, this isn’t a disrupted protest, and it is a protest for a very good cause. In the less than two minutes the anthem is being sung, people are doing a 1000 other things. Sadly, if a player wants to spend those two minutes trying to bring light to the racism and police brutality in this country, by respectfully taking a knee or raising their fist, for the Cowboys and NFL that is too much for them and they don’t want them on their team.

Just think about that, the Cowboys are more comfortable with coke heads, woman beaters and felons on their team than a player who just wants to see black people being treated equally.

Racism and police brutality aren’t pretty PR topics that Jerry Jones can use for profit and that is why he is taking this stand.

It is sickening and disgusting.

Every Cowboys player should know clearly with the Jerry & Stephen Jones thinks of them, but don’t expect them to fight back against Master Jerry.

Robert Littal

Editor in Chief and Founder of BlackSportsOnline

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