Watch Man Get His Legs Crushed By Barrier at Utah Demolition Derby (Video) – BlackSportsOnline
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Watch Man Get His Legs Crushed By Barrier at Utah Demolition Derby (Video)

This is a combination of horrible luck & “shouldn’t have had your behind there in the first place”, as my late-grandmother used to say.

This 46-year old employee is likely tasked with ensuring the safety of the crowd & drivers at this demolition derby, but ironically, it ended up being him that needed the drivers & spectators to perform a rescue.

During a derby pileup, the employee was caught underneath a concrete barrier that was knocked over by the impact of the cars.

Fans could’ve waited to arena personnel to do something, but with the action still happening, the man would’ve likely been injured further or killed. Instead of sitting stunned at what had happened, spectators leapt into action & successfully got the barriers off of the man’s legs and pulled him to safety.

Incredibly, Wasatch County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Jared Rigby reported that the man was up and WALKING a few days later.

Flip the page to check out video of the accident, the exact moment the insanely heavy concrete barriers fell on the man’s legs, as well as the heroic fans that saved the man’s life.

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